The year is 1997: Helmut Kohl is Chancellor, the telephone usually has a cord, and people still go surfing at the seaside. The improv format "Theatersport", which is spreading around the world, conquers the Berlin stages with an ensemble of the same name. Some of them can't get enough of improvising. And so, in the beautiful month of May, they bring the format "Gorilla Theater" by Improfieber trigger Keith Johnstone to the stage in the Kreuzberg backyard theater "Ratibor".

It is the birth of the Gorillas. Very soon, two more actresses and a musician join them. Twelve of them swim on a wave of success as "The Gorillas". In the meantime, they play four shows a week all year round, have taken on two more players and a musician, invented many different formats, founded an impro school, established the largest impro festival in Europe, give trainings for companies and much more.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the Gorillas presented in April/May 2017 in 20 events a mixture of proven, new, (almost) forgotten, international, brought dear colleagues on stage and played various old and new venues in the Gorilla history.

Take something with you from a show of this great group, which has been working great together for more than 20 years and visit well-tried formats, new shows, your favorite show, choose your favorite character, fictional director, inspire to an impressive song, to a scene that makes you laugh tears - be part of the improvisation, shape your theater evening and let yourself be carried away into a spontaneously invented story.